Top tips for planning Mount Rinjani trekking

Friday, October 22, 2021

Top tips for planning Mount Rinjani trekking

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Are you looking for an exciting and adventurous outing with your friends? Do you wish to see an enchanting part of Indonesia? Are you someone who would love to trek on the beautiful and scenic Rinjani Trekking site? If yes, then this article is definitely a must-read for you. You can know more about how you can plan your trekking trip and get the most out of it.

Mount Rinjani is actually an active volcano site that is situated in Lombok, which is a small island in Indonesia. Most people choose to reach the island via air route and then drive to the Mount Rinjani Trekking site. Many visitors even use the water route by taking transit in Jakarta or taking a flight to Bali. The boats are used to reach the beautiful island of Lombok. Although this route is more time consuming, it makes the trip more fun when one is traveling in a big group.

Deciding the Rinjani Trekking route is also important before commencing. People who just have three days to spare and want to reach the summit, then a 2D1N trip through Sembalun will be a suitable option. However, in this case, one needs to choose between Senaru and Sembalun, as they lie on different sides of the mountain. Although going through Sembalun gives you an easier trekking path, you have to trek most of the time under the sun.

You can go through Senaru if you are willing to make the Rinjani Trekking experience more adventurous. The trek route is more difficult and rocky. In a small span of time, one cannot reach the summit on this route.

If you have a great deal of time to spend trekking on Mount Rinjani Trekking site, then choose the 3D2N route. You get to see both the sides of the mountain, so there is no need to make a decision to choose between Sembalun and Senaru. However, if you are in a hurry to summit then Sembalun be should be your way to go!

What are the expenses I should consider before planning the Rinjani Trekking trip?

The travel costs to Rinjani will depend on the means of traveling you choose to reach Mount Rinjani. If you plan to reach Lombok via air, then definitely the travel costs will be higher.

It is a good idea to pre-book a tour package for the Mount Rinjani Trekking route you plan to take. Apart from that, you need to arrange for a hotel stay for the night before and after the trekking experience in Lombok. In addition to this, you need to set aside some amount of money to be given as tips to porters and guides you might hire along the trip. To keep things safe, it is a good idea to buy a suitable travel insurance package as well. The costs will depend on the kind of coverage you get.

What should you pack for the trek?

For making the Mount Rinjani Trekking experience a comfortable one, it is essential for the trekkers to buy good hiking boots. The hiking boots not only help you keep a good grip on the rough and rugged terrain, but they also help in avoiding falls on slippery areas. If one is trekking in the rainy season, then they are a must-have.

Try to pack clothes such that you can layer them on and off according to the weather conditions. Bringing along the protective gear during the rainy season is also important. The number of clothes you bring along will depend on the season and duration of your trekking plan.

Pack your stuff in a good backpack that won’t cause strain on your back. There are different brands that offer great backpacks with lumbar support and pads. Choose the one that is durable and waterproof to avoid your stuff getting wet in case of rain.

Get the pair of socks that fits you well, and doesn’t slip off. A loose-fit pair of socks can cause blisters.

It is important to invest in a walking pole/stick. Many people tend to ignore its importance, but it is extremely useful to maintain balance.

Don’t forget to pack your sunscreen lotion with a good SPF. During the Rinjani Trekking, you will be exposed to the sun, and you definitely don’t want to damage your skin after the trekking experience.

When packing stuff, keep medicines like aspirin and activated charcoal in case of upset stomach. A pack of bandages and antiseptic cream would also be beneficial to treat minor injuries.

Good luck with your mount Rinjani trekking experience!

Source: Rinjani Trekking Guide

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